How do I choose the right music teacher for my child?

Learning music is much like learning any other skill. The more comfortable a student feels with the instructor, the better the student will learn. Ask a friend, ask your local music store, try a recommended instructor, and don't be afraid to try a different one if the first doesn't work out. No matter how you find an instructor, we recommend private music lessons. One-on-one learning with a professional gives students access to an expert that will boost abilities and confidence. Chances are a private instructor also plays professionally, which means they are plugged in to the music in your town. This gives their students a direct link to access their music community.

What are the advantages to renting a musical instrument rather than purchasing?

Our rental program is tailored to students. Most youngsters don’t know if they are going to like playing or if they are going to like the instrument they are first attracted to. Our rental program is very flexible, allowing students to change their minds.

  • Rent applies toward ownership of the instrument being rented, so if the student loves the musical instrument, they can own it.
  • There is no obligation to purchase, so the instrument can be returned if the student changes their mind about wanting to play at which point the instrument has just been rented for their use for a short period of time.
  • For an active rental, the rented instrument can be exchanged for a different student instrument, and rent will continue to accrue toward ownership. Sometimes students change their mind about which instrument they want to play, and this feature lets them do that with no penalty

Once an instrument is purchased, there is no flexibility while the student is trying on a musical instrument for the first time. Quality instruments are an investment which can be prohibitive for parents who don’t know if a young student will continue playing. The tendency can be to purchase a cheap instrument to “just try it out.” We recommend renting a high quality instrument instead. A monthly rental fee fits better with a family budget and allows a beginning student to play a quality instrument that will not be frustrating to learn on.

How do I select the right musical instrument for me?

The first step in choosing an instrument is exposing yourself to music, lots of different kinds of music. Then ask yourself what sounds you are attracted to. Liking the sound or the potential sound of the instrument you are learning makes playing enjoyable and practicing agreeable. There are physical factors to playing particular instruments: mouth shape, arm length, strength, etc. can influence your effectiveness. Try out a few instruments to see what feels comfortable.

Do you sell Yamaha instruments?

Yes. We are big fans of Yamaha instruments, and they are one of the many high quality instrument lines that we carry.

Do you perform instrument repairs and modifications?

We have a service shop on site as well as a network of regional repair technicians who help us with overflow and major projects.

Can I return or exchange my instrument?

Yes, any student instrument on an active rental contract can be returned at any time. Additionally, purchased instruments can be returned or exchanged per our return policy.

What is the best age to start music lessons?

Music is for everyone of every age. Babies should be exposed to music in utero. Music classes such as Kindermusik are designed for infants through preschool-aged children, and are offered at The Vibes Fine and Performing Arts School in Casper and by other instructors in the state. Instruments can be learned from a young age; as soon as a child shows interest. You are never too young or too old to participate in music.